Michael Bay’s Movie Studio Used Real Plane Crash Footage Of People Dying In The Trailer For His New Movie


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Yih-CxTWsw#t=95]

Michael Bay, Director of movies like Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles is apologizing after it was pointed out that the trailer for his production company’s new film “Project Almanac” contains real footage of a real plane crash in which real people died.

Michael Bay has apologised to the families of four US Air Force officers who died in a 1994 plane crash after footage of the disaster found its way into a new film from his production company.


A trailer for forthcoming time travel movie Project Almanac, from Bay’s Platinum Dunes, features a scene in which characters watch television footage of a crash. Families of the victims of the accident at the Fairchild Air Force base in Washington State have complained that the shots had been culled from genuine film of the fatal accident, and Bay has now asked studio Paramount to remove the footage.

Bay has since apologized while pointing out that it was the movie’s director that made the decision, not him. Some of the families of the victims have accepted Bay’s apology. Paramount films is also expected to make an apology.

Dean Israelite, “Project Almanac’s” director is a first timer. I wouldn’t thinks this is a good thing to do the first time you get a shot at making a Hollywood film.

Below is footage of the 1994 crash that took the lives of everyone on board.

featured image – YouTube