Intertwined In Your Bed


i woke up on the cloud in your arms, with my head on your chest, surrounded by white and blue skies.

i nuzzled my face closer to yours, if only just to feel the warmth of your breath on my face.

i inhaled deeply. your scent, your deodorant, your cologne, even your morning breath. i know these scents so well and the familiarity is comforting.

i wrapped myself in a cocoon of you, slowly throwing my leg further over your body and intertwining it with yours.

sinking back into the cloud, i dragged my fingertips down your new soft white cotton shirt from the chest hair barely showing at the collar to the end where it reaches the seam of your black boxer briefs, tightly stretched against your morning stiff. i let my fingernails graze across your tan stomach and hips before i slowly grasped the part of you being held captive underneath clothing. i delicately scratched my nails back up to your hand, arm, and shoulder, listening to the soft moans under your breath.

i traced your jawline with the outside of my hand slow enough to feel the tickle of every bit of stubble on your face before i pushed my fingertips through your perfectly trimmed ash-blonde hair.

it is your entire existence and the way i feel when i wake up next to you that makes me reconsider the possibility of a higher being. every detail is too perfect, every second so precise. our own horizontal heaven.

overzealous with my affection, i couldn’t stop kissing your cheeks, eyelids, nose, neck, forehead, arms, stomach. i breathed you in deeply once again, pressing my lips to the smooth skin of your arm and mouthed “i love you i love you i love you”  but said nothing.

I began lightly tracing your lips with my index finger, facing you in anticipation of the exact moment when i knew i would see one eye open slightly, revealing the most honest blue iris shining straight at me. simultaneously, the corner of your mouth turns just enough to smirk and acknowledge me. this usually this sends me into an internal giggle fit and a wave of warmth washes over me. it’s a moment that affirms my every emotion.

in that moment, i feel safe. 

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image – Shutterstock