Most Women Don’t Deserve A Good Man: The Fallout


We are at two weeks since the original article was posted on Return Of Kings, and in that time we sure have seen quite a bit of action on Twitter and Facebook. Knowing this would hit home for a lot of people, male and female, we didn’t think it would spread quite the way it has.

“Your opinions are based on 20 year old bar flies, not real women!”

Many people didn’t even read the article but felt justified to comment anyway. One of the top arguments has to do with older men choosing to be around women in their 20’s. Sleazy, pathetic? “Only girls act that way, not women”. But only part of the article that mentions bars or younger women is the intro.

The majority of these comments came from older women who are feeling inferior to their younger counterparts. When they witness men their own age preferring younger and more physically desirable specimens, their heads explode with disbelief.  Men will almost always go for the younger woman. Is it any wonder celebrity men date women in their 20’s well into their own 40s and 50s? Because they can. Why would we want to date women our own age if we didn’t have to? Generally they have lost most of their looks and have not cultivated the personality or femininity to compensate.

“The author is bitter and angry for being rejected.”

The word that most comes to mind when I’m reading these comments is deflection. This article was not about me or even meant for women to read. It was for the men keen enough to know what really goes on out there. More so it was for the men who are suspicious or unaware. If you were a women upset by it, you were either exposed or simply distressed because men are onto you.

Am I personally proud of past behaviors? Not necessarily. However it confirmed a lot of ongoing suspicions. Party girls are fun and men are not condemning that behavior. This is about not acknowledging it when it really matters, pretending it never happened, then expecting to be treated like a princess at the end of the day.

“I don’t act like that, and neither do my friends.”

Women won’t openly share dishonorable behavior with each other, but men experience it constantly. Take into account the many women unable to behave in that manner because nobody is that interested in them. Convenient to their argument, however. But what if that hot guy chem lab with a girlfriend asked for a racy photo? She hates on it until it is her turn. To think otherwise is simply living in denial.

White knights are so pathetic they are hardly worth anything more than a brief mention as the bench riders they are. If you do not know what a white knight is, visit The White Knight Landing Page.

“Women don’t get wet, they only jump from raft to raft”

How many women do you know that can actually stay single for any length of time? Unwilling to break up with one guy unless another awaits on her bench to immediately take his place. Even when already in one relationship they are scanning the room for the next best thing. Be alone, are you crazy? Men need to accept the fact that when you break up with a woman she will have another dick in her within two weeks. If you can deal with this you are light years ahead of most. It is that female thought process that contributes to the shady behaviors originally discussed.

“Stop being such a hypocrite and generalizing all women.”

Nowhere were all women mentioned, yet the article was dismissed as hypocritical behavior and generalizations. The comical part was after be called a hypocrite who generalizes too much, I was immediately generalized by hypocritical women saying I was a nerd or nice guy who is just bitter at women.

Maybe a concession on the title of most women. But without question it is far higher than people know or will admit to. What does a 21 year old girl know compared to a man in his late 30s? A white knight who can’t get a girl to return a text, let alone touch his dick? He thinks all women are worthy maidens. He is the guy who walks in the restaurant with the girl your whole lacrosse team had a turn with in college.

“Preach it, Kilmister.”

Further proof we are on point comes more from the support we received. I know that this perceived betrayal by fellow women will enrage femanazis. One of the better comments came from a poster called Tittysprinkles:

The truth will set you free ladies. The women most secure with themselves are the only realizing the truth being told in this article: that a large number of modern women have indeed become entitled, self-absorbed and lacking in accountability. It doesn’t have to be just the women out at the bar playing Hop-A-Dick, it also applies to those that in general nag, cajole, bitch, project, lay blame and then still expect the men in their lives to construct palaces out of candles and write them poetic epics while braiding their hair on a unicorn made of sparkles. Hyperbole yes, but the point is that women these days, largely due to bad feminism and media carpet bombing have come to expect a lot while giving little.








Where are the gentlemen?

Still looking for the ladies is my guess.