Moving On Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Yourself


Moving on is not a one-time thing. It’s an everyday thing. Some days you push harder than others, and some days you can’t push at all. Remember that your strength comes from within, the same strength that allowed you to leave in the first place. Sometimes our brain clings to the good memories, forcing us to suddenly forget all of the bad. What’s most important to remember is why you left in the first place, not convincing yourself of the reasons you should’ve stayed.

Moving on requires letting go.

It’s harder to hold on halfway than to not hold on at all and let go completely. There’s no benefit of holding onto something that’s not meant for you. The hardest part about moving on is figuring out how to let go, and some days you might have to let go all over again. But if you consistently work at it, then eventually you’ll be able to let go completely.

Moving on requires strength.

The strongest people were once the weakest. True strength comes from enduring things you never thought you could. Strength doesn’t happen suddenly, but is rather a buildup from past experiences making you stronger with each and every one. What’s worth it is not always easy, and sometimes moving on is the hardest of all.

Moving on changes you.

We could never grow if nothing ever changed. Being forced to move on changes our perspective and allows us to change from within. Not only do we see perspectives in a different light, we can relate to others who may be struggling to move on from the past. We come out a completely different person than we ever were before, appreciating all that was and what will be.

Moving on opens new doors of opportunity.

If we never close the doors of the past, the ones of the future will never be opened. It’s easy to view the future in narrow glasses, only seeing a small hallway of opportunity. If we allow for the new to replace the old, things can turn out better than we ever possibly could have imagined. Our choices determine our path, and if we don’t move on, then we could be missing out on some of the best things of our lives.

Moving on doesn’t mean forgetting.

Some people think that by moving on it means to erase what happened. Although there are some things we’d like to forget so it doesn’t have a hold on us, by moving on, it doesn’t automatically erase everything that’s happened. Letting go doesn’t mean forgetting, it means to let go of the past hurts, the wrongs, and the things that hold us hostage to being the best versions of ourselves. Moving on allows for letting go of the past so that we can have the best possible future.