Mr. President, It Is Time For You To Go


Mr. President, a little over three years ago, I wrote an article calling for your impeachment. I was energized to write the piece by your frightening response to the Charlottesville attack in August 2017. In that essay I called you, among other things, racist, narcissistic, incompetent, homophobic, and an inadequate leader. You have spent every day since then validating my characterization of you. I have not written about you since then, but I can no longer be silent. This time, I am asking for the American people to remove you from office. There are many reasons for why your time as commander-in-chief should end, but none more important than your attacks on American democracy, your overall ineffectiveness as president, and your inability to act with decency.

Mr. President, you are waging war on American democracy. Two pillars that separate America from countries that saturate in political turmoil is the validity of our elections and a peaceful transfer of power. Without those, American democracy is susceptible to chaos and corruption. You have, unprecedentedly, failed to agree to a peaceful transfer of power should you lose the 2020 presidential election. A peaceful transfer of power protects this country from political pandemonium and unrest. And although American politics can be divisive, presidents have always peacefully transferred power.

Mr. President, you are dangerous. Not only have you troublingly refused to agree to peacefully transfer power, you inexplicably make erroneous claims threatening an essential duty of citizens in a democracy—voting. You assert ballots are rigged, voting fraud is happening at a mass level, people in North Carolina should vote twice, your supporters should police voting locations, mail-in ballots should be tossed out, a large number of people are selling ballots, and dead people are voting.

Mr. President, I reiterate, you are dangerous. There is no evidence of rigged voting ballots. There is no truth to voting fraud happening at a mass level. People in North Carolina should not vote twice, because that is a felony. Patrolling voting locations is called voter intimidation. Mail-in ballots are not an issue; some states have been doing it for years. A large number of individuals are not selling ballots, just a guy in West Virginia, and dead people are not voting, because they are dead.

Simply put, you are ineffective as our president. When asked about your second term agenda, you offer no substance, because you have no policy agenda, meaning you have no plan.

The country is facing a pandemic as a result of COVID-19 that has taken over 220,000 lives and affected over 8 million Americans—you being one of them. Despite this, you spend your days downplaying the disease rather than acknowledging its fatality. Additionally, the country continues to struggle with police brutality, Blacks feeling the pressures of systematic racism, and the influence of white supremacists. Instead of unifying the country, you turn up the heat on the burning flames of division.

But your ineffectiveness as our president is not only what you have said and done, it is also what you lack. You have little knowledge of American history, you do not understand the rules of American political institutions, and you lack awareness of how to foster relationships with other leaders and individuals who do not think as you do.

Which leads to my final justification for your removal as president. Mr. President, you have failed to conduct yourself with basic human decency. Rather than serving as a role model for future generations and current citizens of this nation, you spend your days on Twitter while running the White House like a flailing business as you go through employees and staffers as quickly as seconds expire in time. When you are not tweeting or watching news broadcasts,, you are busy mocking the handicap, disrespecting those who have died in war, spitting on the legacy of John McCain, championing white supremacists, substantiating conspiracy groups like QAnon, and calling women nasty and Black people monsters.

Mr. President, have you nothing better to do? Have you no compassion? Where is your decency?

Admittedly, us Americans are partly to blame for your four-year reign. We chose you as our leader and have rightfully suffered the consequences of our decision.

Mr. President, I am asking everyone I know to give you a vote of no confidence. You have shown what can happen to American democracy when we take voting for granted, do not pay attention to our elected leaders, and that yes, politics matter and so does our vote. As a result, I am begging my fellow Americans to use their power to vote you out. I am asking my fellow citizens to put an end to this chaos, corruption, and terror you have bestowed on this county. And I cannot say that your opponent will fix all of the issues facing this nation, but I can safely argue that under a Joe Biden presidency, democracy will be safe, competency in the executive branch will be restored, and decency will be reinstated.