Musician Offers $5,000 To Anyone Who Can Decipher A Puzzle Hidden In A Song He Just Posted Online



He goes by the name Roble Regal and he promises that he’s hidden the clues to deciphering a PayPal email and password that will give the winning sleuth access to $5,000 in the video, audio, and lyrics of his song ‘Decebruary’.

The email address and password to the paypal account above with $5000 in it is hidden in the video. No jokes, no hoax.

He posted a screenshot of the account on imgur yesterday.

Some on Reddit have complained that it seems overly difficult but Roble Regal points out why.

$5000 is kind of a lot of money, so I didn’t want it to be a walk in the park for that much money.


The song was written the way it was written on purpose, initially a subliminal message that I later decided to turn into the login info, the song was written in November it’s a little old.

I’ve pulled the lyrics and audio for the song from and soundcloud so that they can be analyzed in isolation from the video.

Decebruary Lyrics

[Chorus x2]

Baby, I want to be your love
I want to be your everything
I want to be your one
I want to be your everyday

[Verse 1]

I can’t stand the snow
So pretty, pure, and cold
The seasoning on your words so salty
Salt on snails, his car goes faulty
He still drives, tank on E
Barely dressed, this tank on me
Be feeling like a tank on me
War zones
Restless minds set mines and trust me one day they gon’ blow
I can’t stand the snow
Even the sun goes on vacay
Mayday til’ May
Then it’s all Shmoney and NaeNaes
Nay, I say say aye if I am

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2]

I met a stranger named doubt
Made introductions, I’m seeing her now
On the regular
Might settle down
My soul knows she’s no good
Holding me back, she doesn’t dream, just rolling a backwoods
Looking backwards
Not ahead, but we in love
So so so in love
But truth be told we might never marry
Truth be told, we barely exist
After all, I met her in Decebruary

[Chorus x2]

To get you started, I’ve already knocked out the obvious possibilities like song name and artist name combos using a hypothetical Gmail account. I’ve also knocked out combinations of the word backwards, backwoods, and doubt.

featured image – YouTube