My 3:00 AM


I never noticed him go by,
because he was a peaceful inbetween.
A tight-lipped tick,
a neglected tock.
I would only pass him once a day,
giving him a second of mine.
Until I found myself slowing down.
My louds ticks,
my careless tocks,
went to a halt
And that’s when his hand caught mine.
“Finally.”, he said, “We got the timing right.”
And for the first time ever,
I paused.

Being in his arms,
made me appreciate the stillness,
of being in the middle,
of light and darkness.
He was ungodly,
but he holds powers like no other.
Only he can make sense of my thoughts in the dark,
making me think of what actually matters.
He created dream after dream after dream after dream
for both me and him,
me and him,
me and

tick – tock – tick – tock

“You fixed me.” I said.
And he was tight lipped once again.
I never understood.
Why when I was finally unbroken,
he stood motionless –
like how everything is at 3:00 AM.