21 Hilarious Photos That Accurately Sum Up Men At Shopping Malls


1. Aw yeah, this guy know what’s up!

2. Hell yeah, this guy too!

3. He’s just going to lie down for a little. Just a little.

4. Man, that looks like one comfortable chair.

5. Can you spot the men? Haha just kidding!

6. He’s not bored. I guarantee it.

7. He just needed a moment to contemplate something important.

8. He loves his bench.

9. Doesn’t he know that sitting on stairs is a fire hazard?

10. Nothing beats catching some rays in the mall.

11. Someone forgot to get his makeup done!

12. He’s the judge of that store, and he thinks it’s a snooze.

13. Zara has couches?!

14. Looking mighty good in those Nikes, sir!

15. One way trip to slumbertown.

16. He sure knows how to get comfortable.

17. Do they look miserable to you?

18. I say, ‘No way!’

19. Because the mall is a great place to take a nap!

20. After all the hard work these guys put in at their jobs.

21. So that we can go shopping.

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