My Heart Yearns For A Love Exactly Like This


My heart longs for an imperfect love, formless. One we both learn how to build from the ground up, knowing and appreciating all that we stand for. One that we get to learn to ride in each other’s storms and never give up no matter how bad.

My heart longs for an unfiltered love, raw, in every sense of the word. One that knows no boundaries. One that knows no shame whatsoever. The kind that doesn’t hide, not even in the dark.

My heart seeks to find peace and solace in another. It seeks another to spoil in all its love and care and to be a grain of hope and strength when it’s required the most.

My heart seeks a love. One that isn’t afraid to venture into the depths of this world, for what is a life without thrills?

My heart seeks a love that is empowering. The kind that doesn’t build one at the expense of the other. The kind of love that knows its limits and doesn’t require one to lose themselves and become what they aren’t just for the sake of love.

My heart seeks a love. A kind love. One built on trust and care. A love, tender, warm, sweet to the taste. One with the proper mix of sweet and sour.

My heart seeks, not the kind of love in the movies, rather, a love we get to define. A love that is unique and unquestionable. A love that forges its own path where no soul thought possible.

My heart seeks to learn from the fights, the hurt, how to be better by day, how to be humble and kind.

My heart longs for a love that is true to its core. One that is unquantified, not by anyone or anything that roams the earth. A love, too precious to put a price tag on.