My History With You Is The Sweetest Love Story In The Books


My darling, even though we had to come to an end, we tried our best didn’t we? I’d like to think we did. Our love story wasn’t a normal one you see, it was something more, something greater than anything I’ve read before. My history with you is better than any other love story I could ever make up.

Sometimes it felt like my heart was going to collapse with the weight of love I had for you.

I loved you before I knew what being in love felt like. I remember telling you that with anticipation written on my face, and you fell off your chair in surprise. You always knew how to make me laugh, didn’t you?

But, then you had to leave to go to a new home. You had to leave our sacred haven. Our perfect bubble.  And I wanted everything to stop. I begged for the clocks to stop turning, and for planes to stop flying. I begged for the universe to keep you here with me. And I wished on every star I saw for you to just stay.

Please, just stay.

But, you had to go. I remember sobbing with my whole body. It shook with grief, and rattled every bone in my body. I had never felt what real pain was before that. But, we survived the worst part of it. We did it. We survived the distance despite everyone’s silent judgments. I saw you that Christmas, four months later. And I remember running around the airport trying to find you. And when I did, I could finally exhale. I could finally breathe.

We did this for two more years. I always knew we were going to make it. We started to make real, concrete plans about our future. We began to daydream about our future kids. I can still envision it today so clearly. We were going to make it. Right?

Except we didn’t.

I have come to realize that some of the world’s greatest love stories can end in tragedy. And that’s how it ended for us. We couldn’t do the distance, we couldn’t do the waiting and we couldn’t do the wishing anymore. You were done, and I was left with the vision of our future crumbling.

So, yes it ended. But that love was real love. It was intense, addictive and every cell in my body lit up when I was with you. Darling, we had it for a little bit.

We had a lifetime with one another in a span of three years.

And I’m so happy I got to love like we loved. We ended, but our love story is still just as magical. Our love story is still just as special.

My history with you is not dust on an old journal or weeds growing where a garden once was. It’s still bright, vibrant and it will live in both of our souls for eternity.

My history with you is still alive even though it died a long time ago. And it’s still more beautiful than anything I have ever experienced.