My Love, I’m Lucky To Have Found You


I was never one to really like or follow the theatrical role and stereotype of a ‘cliche in love’, but I have to admit, having you in my life has definitely changed that. Love has always been a mystery. Though there is a Google-able definition of love, it seems to lack the authentic notion of the experience of true love.

Something I find extremely fascinating is that you came into my life and gave me something to trust, feel, have, and believe in, and I wouldn’t change anything from my past if that meant I wasn’t able to have you now. Most of us live life pretending so we don’t feel out of place or feel clueless to our purpose, but my fondness for you is something that’s definitely not make believe or something I’m hiding.

You’ve always been insecure about the fact that I could potentially find someone better or how your past has made you so fragile, but let me tell you this: Whether it’s my naive, youthful self or my idealistic mindset, your vulnerability is attractive to me. You’re real and honest, and quite frankly, I wouldn’t want to open up deeply with anyone who isn’t you. I know you may not be the most self-confident person alive, but I want it all, the good and bad, so let me hold on and love all of you.

I’m falling heavily into a heavenly world, and the best part is that though you and I feel like a dream, it’s my reality. You, the person who has my heart, is in my reality, my life. When my eyes wander off into the abyss throughout the day, I’m really just spinning in circles thinking about how grateful I am to have you.

I’m trying not to lose my sensibility, but you make me want to be young in love, rebellious, loud, and reckless. Though that can seem borderline dangerous, I adore the fact that you make me feel that way. I love how you’re always ready to challenge me at anything and how you continue to say that I always win, not just to boost my ego but to also make me smile. I love how I can openly talk to you about any topic and how you don’t ever make things awkward.

You tell me that I always deserve the best, but if I’m being honest, life definitely went overboard by giving me you. Do you know how incredible you are? You amaze me by how you involuntarily memorize some of the most random facts about me that no one else seems to pay attention to. The way you think and act is both so fascinating and questionable, but in the best way possible.

So, my final message to the one who has my heart: I know we both have space to grow and we’ve not yet reached our full potential, but promise me that you’ll take care of my heart. I know it’s a lot of responsibility, but if this will help calm your nerves—I promise you that I won’t ever intentionally make your heart suffer.