My Pit Bull Is Not Scary, That’s Why She’s Smiling At You


I have been hearing stories for years: Pit Bull Mauls Child. Pit Bull Single-Handedly Brings World To Complete Stop With Power Of Pure Evil.

As George Carlin said “It’s all bullshit, and its bad for ya.”

As a lifetime dog owner I always assumed that it was uneducated idiots that were scared of Pit Bulls. But I have learned that even “dog people” can be scared of them. Maybe it’s the media, maybe it’s based on a bad experience, or maybe it is fear of the unknown. Any way you slice it the fear is there, and it is creating a monster. It is creating breed legislation. It is creating shelters full of unwanted dogs. It is creating an unnecessary and untrue stigma against a breed.

After all, a Pit Bull is a dog, and if you love it, nurture it, bring it up around other dogs and people, and fill its tiny puppy heart with love (and training) it will thrive. If you take it outside, tie it to a pole, abuse it and teach it that you are only happy when it kills things it will become a killer. This is common sense. This is not some trait that is in the Pit Bull bloodline.

Let me tell you this. It is possible to have an aggressive dog regardless of its breed. You can teach any dog to be aggressive if you try hard enough. I have met mean Pit Bulls, Poodles, Chihuahuas, and everything in-between. I have also met loving Pit Bulls, Poodles, Chihuahuas, and many many more breeds. Your dog will become what you train it and raise it to be.

So when you see me, and my Pit Bull, walking down the street you do not need to turn around, run in a different direction, cross the street, ask if she is friendly, or look at me with panic-filled eyes. Ruby. Loves. Everyone. Not just you, but the whole world. Ask our across the street neighbor and her toddler – Ruby LOVES babies. They play together, give each other kisses and run around the yard. Ruby lets her eye’s be poked by baby fingers, her ears be munched on, and doesn’t mind being steered by her tail. She is a bundle of love and joy. Ruby loves the dog park, she loves cookies, she loves walks, she loves her puppy brother Snugs and she loves strangers. If you stand still long enough she will walk up and lick your hand to see if you want to pat her.

So no, my Pit Bull is not scary. That’s not a growl on her lips, it’s a kiss. That’s not a evil look in her eye, it’s the gleam of happiness that comes with her new home.

My Pit Bull Is NOT Scary, That’s Why She’s Smiling At You.