My Public Goodbye: Dior #022


Those of you who know me or read my work know that I’m not the sentimental type, but today I’m making an exception. This morning at 10:08 am, I lost a dear friend. It was a tragic accident, and they were gone upon impact. They did not suffer.

I would now like to say my last words to my Dior Show Forever #022 Foundation.

Dear Dior #022,

The world knew you as “Flawless perfection fusion wear make-up with SPF 15.” But to me, you were so much more. I’ll never forget the day we met in the cosmetics department inside Bergdorf Goodman. I was taking a trip to Utah, and I wanted to carry on. So I couldn’t bring my usual Dior Airflash Foundation because of its aerosol-can packaging.

I approached the Dior counter, and there you were–like an angel. Your perfect two-ounce glass bottle would fit like a glove in my TSA-approved ziploc bag. I tried you on, they wrapped you up, and I brought you home. To your new home. To our home.

You traveled with me to Utah, LA, Chicago, and the Dominican Republic. You never let me down and always made me feel beautiful (even when I had been in the woods for 24 days without showering).

During the summer months, it was painfully obvious I was too tan to use you, but I refused to buy #023. I stuck by your side (despite looking like a geisha girl).

You were with me on my last date with my ex and my first date with my new boyfriend. Together, as a team, we built hearts up, and we tore them down.

You will soon be replaced, but you will never be forgotten.

All donations can be made to the Teach Girls How to Use Make-up (Not Math) Foundation.

Forever yours,

Sarah Miller