My Soul’s Temple Doesn’t Feel Safe


Bodies of the souls that wander,
Hiding behind camouflaged shame to ponder.
Intertwined bodies bring forth naked lust,
In a world full of sick people you put your trust.

Will I cleanse the pillars of this temple with sin or passion.
The fruit of the womb brings forth innocent compassion,
With fear in the limbs of your lover will you escape the distraction,
Did I put this trouble upon myself or because of his satisfaction.

Hovering my soul inside me to let another explore,
And visit the corners of this temple I once bore,
Should I tear away my flesh or fill it with unknown colours,
The ones who visit this temple keep silent offerings, those tamed lovers.

Will I be able to keep this temple safe,
From intruders who destroy the idol they chafe.
Will I worship you like them, hastily, with fear,
Or keep your doors closed, at last loneliness is here.