Netflix Savagely Called Out 53 Of Its Viewers On Twitter For This Hilarious Reason


Netflix is a little worried about its fans, but not so worried that it’s not afraid to call them out on Twitter for it.

Okay then, Netflix.

A Christmas Prince is one of the streaming site’s newest movies, a Hallmark-eque film that’s basically elements from every rom-com about royalty all thrown into one slightly ridiculous package. It’s proven to be a pretty big holiday hit for the company, though — apparently so much that 53 people literally can’t get enough of it.

Some people felt personally offended by Netflix’s tweets (perhaps because they were one of those 53 people?)

Doesn’t this all feel a little Big Brother-ish? What else do they know?!

At the very least, it definitely means they know about all of our other embarrassing viewing habits.

Maybe it’s time for Netflix to take a good, hard look at itself.

Next thing you know, Netflix is going to start calling me out for watching entire seasons of Shameless in a day. Sorry, Netflix, I refuse to be shamed.