Never Change Yourself For Anyone


Hey you, yes you baby girl.
You’re beautiful the way you are.
You have your unique personality of your own and nobody should ever tell you otherwise.
You’re meant to be you and you should never change yourself for anyone out there.
Be yourself, embrace the beauty in you.
The guy you love, may not love you back.
Or the guy who used to love you, walked away.
It hurts, yes it definitely does.
But that doesn’t mean that you’ve got to change for him.
If he really love you, he’ll love you for who you are.
He’ll embrace what you’re made of, in and out.
If he ever told you that you’re not the one for him, then move on.
Nobody should ever tell you that.
Neither should you change yourself to be the one for him.
One day, the right one will come for you.
There and then you know, he loves you for who you really are.
No need for any change.
No need to suit yourself for him.
Because he love just the way you are.
And that’s the beauty of love.