Never Date Someone Who Makes You Question Your Worth


Never date someone who…
Calls you heartless
For you’ve given him all your heart
And he has taken it with him
Leaving you empty.

Never date someone who…
Turns people against you
Telling them a one sided story
When they won’t even ask you
If he ever said sorry.

Never date someone who…
Abuses you with words
Especially online —
Who can’t say it to your face
And tries to make things better with hugs,

Because apparently,
seeing someone in person
Makes him forget
all the abusive things he’s said.

It makes him a coward.

Never date someone who…
Makes you feel like your reasons
For leaving aren’t valid.

Isn’t hurting me every day
Enough of an excuse to go?
Isn’t crying myself to sleep every night
Enough of an excuse to go?

Never date someone who…
Makes you feel like shit
Even when you’ve been treating them
With so much kindness and respect
Despite all the pain you’ve endured.

Never date someone who…
Tells people
“You don’t know what she’s really like.”

Because it’s true,
They don’t.
They don’t make the effort
To know my side of the story.

Never date someone who…
Doesn’t know their faults
And doesn’t apologize,
For hurting people and
For making love hard
Over and over and over.

Never date someone who makes pain a side effect of love.

Never date someone who
Believes that love should be all of the above

Because obviously
That isn’t love,

Never date someone who
Thinks you never loved them
Or never tried.

Because you did.
I did.

But this is not love.
And this pain cannot be fixed with hugs…