Never Fall For The Smooth Talking Guy


A wise person once said “Never trust a smooth talking man, if a man likes you he should be a little nervous around you”.

You deserve nerves. You deserve those little anxious butterflies in a man’s stomach as he’s fixing his hair, wondering if he should shave or not and asking his roommate if the shirt he’s wearing makes him look respectable enough. You deserve a man who arrives on time and walks to your door with sweaty palms and stutters as he tries to tell you, you look beautiful.

You deserve a man who works up the courage to ask you out face to face , trying to come across like a natural, but the minute you say yes; a light flickers in his eye because he’s genuinely surprised you actually agreed to go out with him. Then he walks away all cool, when really he’s feeling like he just won the lottery and throwing his fist in the air when you aren’t looking like Judd Nelson’s character at the end of The Breakfast Club.

You deserve a man who not only agrees to, but wants to meet your family and wants you to meet his.

A smooth talking man is often mistaken for a man who knows what he wants and knows what he’s doing. He’s confident, he makes you feel like you should be honored to even be given some of his time, let alone any concrete plans with him. “Little old me has caught the attention of *insert name here* “, making you feel special for a few days and then horrible when he inevitably ignores you.

A smooth talking man dishes out line after line to you and every other girl he’s talking to. He likely copies and pastes them and just changes the name and it still works. A good, nice man who actually likes you for who you are will be nervous , shy and probably make things a little awkward at first. That’s the man you should be paying attention to.

Forget the man who can only text you every so often to make sure you haven’t forgotten about him. Forget the man who pretends to listen, but wouldn’t be able to answer one question about your personal life if his life depended on it. Instead, give the good man a chance.

The good man, when given the opportunity, will remember even the tiniest details about you. A good man will be honest about his intentions, he’ll put in the work and effort to be a part of your life and he’ll try to win over your affections without any games. Simply put; he’ll care. That’s all we’re looking for after all, a man who cares.

If you’re focusing all your attention on the bad apples, you’re going to keep picking up bad apples. If you start channelling your attention to the shiny, bright apples that might be harder to find, you’ll notice they are worth the time it took to get one and will likely regret ever settling for the bad, bruised apples that are so easily available.