Never Forget That You Are Invincible


Can you think of a time where you felt invincible? How did it feel?

Why did it stop?

The adult argument that your brain may have already come up with is that walking around acting like nothing can break you is irresponsible and reckless.

Here’s what I have to say to that: What if you thought you were invincible? What would you do? The assumption of that adult argument is that if you believed you were invincible, you would automatically do something insane like get wasted and drive petal to the metal with no regard to anyone or anything or jump off a building and hope you can fly.

Those thoughts may cross your mind, Adventure Seeker, but I think you’re smarter than that, and more importantly, I think you’re deeper than that. The assumption that to believe you are invincible is dangerous is dangerous. (I’ll break that one down.)

If you believe you are invincible, while it may be fun to think about pulling some ridiculous stunt, that thought would quickly be taken over by bigger and better thoughts. I know you and you are not so simple that the big dream you have for yourself is doing something life-threatening.

No, the big dreams you have for yourself include a life of deep connection, love, prosperity, euphoric experiences, being fully expressed, creating, and literally leaving the world so much better than you found it.

Those big dreams are yours, and you can have them, but not if you don’t truly believe you are invincible. I’m not talking about your body—these dreams don’t come from your body. I mean the real you, the soul that exists in your core.

You are not shying away from approaching the beautiful stranger at the bar because you’re afraid of breaking your leg. You are not staying in that job that is mildly satisfying because you’re afraid you might otherwise acquire a disease.

Your body is not invincible. It can break and one day it will die, but it is not the body we’re most afraid to break, is it? It’s your heart and soul. You’re afraid that you could fail. You’re afraid that you could be rejected.

Guess what? You could fail and you could be rejected. But the soul will still burn bright because it is your soul that is invincible.

in·vin·ci·ble | inˈvinsəb(ə)l |: adj. too powerful to be defeated or overcome

Your soul is more powerful than any obstacle, any amount of suffering, any amount of failure. Even in your darkest moments, it will not be defeated and it will not be overcome.

You forget that. You are walking around with sunglasses saying that you don’t see the light and therefore the light must not be there.

You got rejected once or twice and you called it quits. You thought you failed or someone told you something that hurt you and you made a decision. You decided to put on the shades and call the whole world dark. The world is not dark and the light in you is still shining. Take off the shades.

This belief that you are not invincible—the tip-toeing around in your sunglasses and playing small—is dangerous.

 dan·ger·ous | ˈdānj(ə)rəs |: adj. able or likely to cause harm or injury

The fear of failure preventing you from living the life of your dreams will cause you more harm than any broken leg ever could. The dreams you have are yours for a reason. You deserve to see them through. You deserve to walk boldly up to that door, because even if it is closed, you have the peace of mind knowing you tried and you now know you are one door closer to your door.

This belief that we are not invincible is the most dangerous one we have because it stops you from doing the things that your heart and soul are craving, and one day you will wake up and it will be too late—and I can guarantee you, that will cause harm.

Don’t let it be too late. You have to understand that you are invincible, because if you really believe that, how could you not go for it?

Your soul is all you need in this world; it will shine when nothing else does. It will even shine when you are walking around in your shades ignoring it. When you tune in, it will dig you out of any hole you find yourself in.

You can choose to be cautious, toeing the line of what is safe and what is socially acceptable, or you can be unapologetically you, living a life that is full and invigorating.

As you make this decision, I hope you make it from your heart, where your soul speaks, and not from your head, where the fears exist. I hope you remember that there are no amount of failures, no amount of closed doors, and no amount of heartbreaks that your soul cannot overcome, and it is because of that that you are invincible.