Never Let A Single Moment Of Your Life Define You


Never let a moment in this life define you. Not a moment of weakness or a moment of defeat or a moment of complete despair or a moment of failure. They are merely just a phase in your life, but they are not your life, and they are not what defines who you are.

The most unjust thing you could ever do to yourself is to make one moment in this life determine who you get to be or let one opinion of someone about you in this moment define who you are.

You are not a moment. You are not someone’s opinion of you. You are not even your own opinion of how you see yourself in this moment. You are so much more than this. You are so much more than just a moment. You are so much more than just an opinion.

Learn to never let such a thing define you anymore. Learn that these are part of your journey, but they are not the whole journey; they are merely a setback along the way. Learn to look at these kinds of moments exactly the way they are — just moments. Your life doesn’t stop there. Don’t keep feeling stuck at a single instant in your life and let it be your whole life. Learn the lesson during this time and continue your journey.

Learn to grow beyond a moment in your life. Don’t let life pass by you while you’re still stuck at a certain moment in your life. Don’t you give something that power over you or over your life. Learn to look at things exactly as they are without giving them a higher value. Because your life has so much more in it than this. The worst thing you could ever do to yourself is to narrow down your whole story into some of these moments and think that this is it.