Never Say Yes To Fake Love


Yes, you want to be loved! You want to be with this important person and feel significant, adored, treasured! But… Something inside tells you there’s something wrong. Your gut feeling warns you it’s not true love. If it’s fake love, and you desire true love, then, don’t take it! It’s not worth it!

If you say ‘yes’ to fake love, at the same time you say ‘no’ to your true self and needs.

You know it’s fake love, when the other person lets you down, keeps secrets, is anxious around their phone and social media, and lets you down often with different excuses. Fake love is not just these outward signs and behaviors.

Fake love is when the other person tells you “I love you” but their words don’t match their actions. They are not consistent; they don’t value your time together; they treat you as their ‘special secret,’ when the only special thing about it you don’t get to meet their friends and family.

When you accept fake love it’s like signing your heartbreak contract. You keep telling yourself it’s gonna get better, they are gonna show their best self, they need time, they need this, they need that, and, in the meantime, you forget what you truly need. Say ‘yes’ to sex, say ‘yes’ to companionship, say ‘yes’ to casual dates, say ‘yes’ to being introduced to people and getting to know them. But say ‘no’ to fake love and remain true to yourself.

And while you are at it, make it your personal rule to say ‘no’ to fake people.

Fake people will give you fake love. The people who smile when they see you and back stub you as soon as you turn around. The people who compliment you about something you know it’s a weakness or a low point, the people who seem so warm and inviting at casual times but are never there when you need them. Fake people will try to impress you and win you over, but they won’t make an emotional connection with you. They are there but at the same time it doesn’t feel that they are there. Because emotionally they are not. They don’t care about you. It’s all about them and their needs. That’s why they will discard you when they find their next victim.

The one thing to keep in mind is to never become a fake person yourself! Embrace your uniqueness, accept and love yourself, and shine your own light!