Never Settle For A Love That Leaves You Questioning


We deserve more than half-hearted attempts at love.

We deserve more than being stuck in the grey area. Afraid to ask the questions we truly want the answers to because we don’t want to come across as needing too much.

We deserve more than mixed signals, “I’m not ready now, but maybe later.” To conceal our emotions and go along with how they feel in hopes that maybe, someday they will change their minds.

But they won’t. 

The thing is, 9 times out of 10, they are stringing you along until they find the person who makes them want to settle down and commit. The person who they are sure of, and unfortunately that is not you — that is not us.

And that’s okay, he’s probably with you right now because he’s lonely and you can’t blame him. He is only treating you the way he is because you are letting him get away with it. By dancing around the grey area and suppressing your feelings, you are subconsciously telling him that it is okay to continue treating you the way he does because you never spoke up and said otherwise.

You are letting him feel as though you need no explanation, as though you are the “cool girl,” the relaxed girl who is not needy and doesn’t need for you to ask her on dates and respond to her messages.

But the truth is us “cool girls” do need validation or at least an explanation for where things are going. We do secretly hope for romance and security. However, we want you and right now, for some unknown reason you can’t give us that. You can’t provide us with a love that doesn’t leave us questioning how you truly feel. You can only give us empty promises and half-assed attempts to leave us coming back for more.

In the end, we need to ask ourselves; why would we want someone that only wants us on their terms? Why would we ever want to settle for a love that is less than what we hoped for- that is less than we deserve? Because we will never be fulfilled with bottling up our emotions, justifying late messages and last-minute plans.

We deserve a love that cannot be silenced. 

We deserve a love that is so sure of us that we will never need to question it.