Never Stop Believing That You Are Magic


You feel painfully ordinary, worried that you’ll never be enough as you internalize messages that you’re not as special as you hoped. You worry that you’ll remain stagnant, that you’ll never achieve great things, that your life will forever feel dull and hackneyed. But never stop believing that you are magic, a manifestation of stardust and dreams and the universe itself.

Never stop believing that you can transcend the ordinary. You were created to brim with untapped potential, a burning desire for change, a limitless capability to manifest the world you want to inhabit. You can rise above expectations and defy convention, turning your desires for change into a tangible reality. You can achieve far more than you believe because you were born with magic inside of you — the ability to overcome, aim higher, and lift yourself to the heavens.

Never stop believing that the magic of your presence can change the world. You were born to be one-of-a-kind, created delicately but deliberately to share your own brand of magic with everyone around you. Every bright smile towards a stranger, every radiant laugh at a joke, every sparkle in your eyes spreads traces of your magic out into the world. You may believe that you are too insignificant to make a difference, but the magic within your heart will help you create a better world — as long as you’re open to recognizing the power of your magnetic kindness.

Never stop believing that your magic breeds magic. You may think that you are disillusioned, that your belief in your own magic is nothing but a mirage. But your loved ones see the magic of your unapologetic kindness, care, and empathy, and lust after your brilliance, boldness, and zest for life. You inspire everyone who surrounds you to discover their own magic, reconnecting with the pieces of themselves they left behind, encouraging them to release their magical spirit into the world. You are the reason that the world’s magic multiplies day by day.

You may believe that others possess a certain kind of magic that you’ll never grasp — a magnetic presence in the world. But I hope you never stop believing that you are magic, too — that you have the enchanting ability to manifest your dreams, heal others, and change the world around you.