New App Tells You If The Plane You’re On Is Going To Crash


Do you have a fear of flying? Are you secretly convinced that every time the hatch closes and your plane starts down the runway that this is it, that you’re going to your eternal rest? There’s an app for that.

Australian mobile developer Nic Johns created an app called ‘Am I Going Down?’ for his altitude-fearing wife after a scary ride from Bangkok to London. The app uses a large database of flight and crash histories to calculate the odds of a plane going down on any given route. According to gapyear’s hands on review:

It’s kind of a magic 8-ball of death, but, according to, which has tested the app, it’s heavily weighted in your favour. A flight from Sydney to Singapore on an Air China Boeing 747 gives you a 1 in 2,516,447 chance of crashing, according to the app, which means you’d have to take the flight every day for 6,894 years before you’d expect to crash.

It truly is a magic 8-ball. But still, sometimes it’s good to have that mathematical comfort blanket right there in front of you.

‘Am I Going Down?’ currently has a four and a half star review rating and is available for iPhone for 99 cents here.