Next Time You’re Feeling Off, Remember This


The thing about life is that no matter how much we may want it to be and how much we may crave simplicity and predictability, it is never a straight line. It’s a ride, and an unpredictable one at that. As a result, oftentimes we end up feeling lost and perhaps even overwhelmed when we feel off. But really, feeling off is just a part of being intrinsically human and intrinsically aware of how you’re feeling in this moment now.

We’ve been taught from a young age to hide our feelings, especially if we’re feeling off. But truthfully and from my experience, when we hide this part of ourselves and bury it deep within us, we suppress it and it begins to become us. It becomes who we are and we hang on to that pain as though it’s a lifeline because we were never given an opportunity to release it. Only, the problem is that we’re human, and one way or another, that pain will come up. It’s up to you how you decide that it will.

If you’re feeling off, remember that you are on the right track. Remember that feeling off is normal, but resisting it will cloud your soul. It’s so vitally important to feel all of life’s many shades and tones, despite how they may make you feel. Because when you lean into them—when you allow yourself to become curious about why you may be feeling off—then that’s when the answers you seek will find you. That’s when life will begin to look in your direction and offer you signs and clues as to what’s going on in your life. But only if you are brave enough to look back in life’s direction as well.

Pain is always the untimely catalyst for growth. If we use our painful times and seek to lean into them in order to find the lessons and experiences that we can take from them, then perhaps we can use our feelings and awareness to dig deeper within ourselves. Address what’s been silently eating away at your soul. Address what’s been holding you back. And address the pain, knowing that it is just your mind, body, and soul, letting you know that you need to pay attention to something happening within you right now.

So please, if you’re feeling off, do not allow yourself to shy away from your feelings. No matter what you’ve been taught growing up and what you may believe about holding in your pain, sadness, and grief, you deserve to feel whole and fulfilled. You deserve to feel good again. So release it in whichever way you know how. Release it, whether by journaling, confiding in a friend or loved one, or even going for a walk to clear your head and face what’s been gnawing at your soul.

And remember, healing has no estimated time of arrival. Everyone heals at different paces, and even if you’ve been feeling off for a while now, that too will pass. Each and every one of us feel at different times and release at different moments. Your journey will never be identical to anyone else’s, so be gentle with yourself in a world that tells you too often to hide yourself. All will be good again.