No Matter How Much They Hurt You, It’s Impossible To ‘Unlove’ Someone — And That’s Okay


Have you ever thought about “unloving” the person you used to revolve your world around on? How to erase the memories that makes you bitter every now and then? How to stop loving the person even if the whole world already says you should?

I am afraid it won’t happen. There’s no such thing as unloving.

There is no way to erase the memories. Because once you loved the person, you will always love them. The good, the bad, and even the worst. They will always be a part of your being. You will always remember how your heart pumped twice as fast as normal. You will always remember the times you’re with them; happy, sad, and even those times they hurt you.

What they said, when it happened, even your position at the exact time you had these moments your heart can’t forget. Happy memory is deadly because it can kill you. It can kill your sanity asking why it happened. It was supposed to be okay. But it is not. There are moments that you try to kill what you feel. So you think of the pain that it caused you. It is bearable. It is effective. It is.

But for how long? The question that rings my sanity. Even in the in-betweens of forgetting, it’s hard to forget. Even it is the only word you try to teach yourself. Yes, you can. For those times you don’t see the person. For those times you don’t communicate. For the times you try to ignore the absence. For times you chose not to entertain any thoughts of that person…You can forget. You can escape it. You can cheat heartbreak. This time you won.

So the question again is, how long? I guess not really long enough.

Not really long enough to unlove. Not really long enough to forget. Until the time you’ll see that person again. Then ask yourself because the heart really knows what it really wants.