No Matter What, I Am Thankful For Love


Love, I have seen what you can do. I’ve seen you at work–bringing people together, ripping them apart the next minute, tearing people to shreds, and then building them back up again. Making them whole. You are a powerful thing. Some may say that you are everything, the very reason for existing.

A world without you in it would be sane, it would be easy. The world would be dark, gloomy, and constantly filled with dark clouds–pessimism, negativity, dread. Don’t get me wrong, there are still days like that. The difference is, you experience the contrast that comes along with it. The loud, chaotic moments. The bright moments that make it all worthwhile. The light at the end of the tunnel.

You give life meaning.

I’ve been softened by you, and hardened just the same. You’ve taken me on quite the rollercoaster ride—with you, my highs take me up to the moon and my lows drag me down to the bottom of the ocean.

(My tear ducts would like to say a big fat thank you, by the way. So would the swollen, puffy bags under my eyes when the salty swells come to a halt. Oh yeah, and my pillow case that catches it all.)

You know, Love, you drive me insane sometimes. (most of the time) You make me want to pull my hair out. Scream at the top of my lungs, run ramped through the woods and never return. You make me sleep all day because I can’t bear the thought of dealing with the day. Then I experience the serene. The calm and then the chaos. The moments when I feel you in all the good ways. I feel you running through my veins, pumping through my blood, in the tips of my toes and wrapped around my shoulders.

Love, you are uncertain, you are wild, you are 2 AM raging arguments, sharing the last egg roll, sleeping on the couch bawling your eyes out because you’re overwhelmingly upset—or because you’re irrevocably happy.
I see you. In every miniscule moment, even in the elephant-sized experiences, I see you. In the minute details, stitched finely into every situation.

I want to thank you, Love. You have shaped me, you have torn down my walls, you have ruined me, destroyed me to my core. Ripped out my insides and made me feel like I would never be the same. And I never was, to be honest. You have put me on the highest peak on the tallest mountain, made my face shine like sunbeams, you’ve stitched me back together with needle and thread and nursed me back to health. You are the reason for who I have become.

So, yes. Thank you, Love. For you truly are the reason for everything. For my everything.