No One Really Tells You The Truth About Growing Up


Nobody said it was easy. We’re all shoved into a momentary oblivion with clouded judgment and unclear futures. We’re forced to choose between things we can’t let go of, and punished to cry in silence and accept defeat. But really, most of the time, we are almost always forced to grow up.

Forced, rather than willing to; shoved into rather than slowly entering a phase nobody wants to be part of. We can’t, and we definitely don’t want to be stuck in that phase; hell, we don’t even want to enter that phase. We’re supposed to be kids who couldn’t care less about the world. We’re the kids who are free to wander, and live life. Yet here we are, chained to our own nightmares of growing up.

Well, for me, it was about outgrowing a friendship built on trust. I was pinned to a corner with no way out, somehow I was stuck in the middle of things. It was a complicated setup – my best friend, me and his girl friend. Three was never a crowd to play, well, not in this kind of setup. Someone had to leave, I knew I had to. I wanted to get out while I still can, again, forced to by the circumstances that doesn’t look good. It was a choice that was necessary, as I do not want to hurt anyone.

I guess everyone had their own share of growing up issues. The truth is, we’re a bunch of unprepared kids trying to make sense of what is happening around us. We’re lost souls who are trying to find a way back. We’re trying to be adults in our own unrightful ways. We keep pushing ourselves out there in the wild, with nothing in hand and we were always two steps behind. What we don’t understand is that growing up isn’t an easy way out of everything, it demands pain. We struggle, fight, and battle our way out of this mess only to realize there’s more to life than our little world of petty issues. We swallowed every inch of our towering pride to acknowledge that we too, make mistakes, and it’s all part of the process.

However, the more hurtful truth is that we’re all forced to do something we don’t want to do, just because it is the ‘right thing’. There are certain things we have to give up without asking anything in return. Doing the ‘right thing’ begs us to step out of our comfort zones and try new things – things we are unfamiliar with. This is the very concept of growing up, it demands you to get up and do things differently. It pins you down with no way out, unless you succumb to its demands. It will keep pushing you, hurt you if it must, just for you learn to stand on your own. It will bring down your four walls, for you to rebuild it with a heavier foundation; it will smash you into pieces, only for you to glue it together to make yourself apiece again. Worst of all, it will slowly kill you inside, only to push you to keep moving forward and begin anew.

Maybe right now, we don’t understand why everything has to happen, the way it is happening now, but we will. In time, after all the painful thoughts and words have been thrown and said, we go back to the reason why we were put in a tight spot – and until the day of reckoning, ’til then can we only say that we’ve made it through.

When we’re done whining and complaining, do know that growing up is a work in process. We can’t say we’ve made it through overnight, but we’re getting there.