No One Told Me That Self-Love Would Be An Everyday Battle


It seems that everyone is talking about self-love nowadays, how to accept yourself completely and how to unconditionally love who you are. Everyone seems to preach it like it’s their mission.

When I was a teenager, I didn’t have any idea about self-love, I was just curious about the world. I never thought curiosity would lead me to a journey of exploring and finding who I am. I never knew how much effort I needed to exert in order to accept myself fully.

Nobody ever told me that it is an everyday battle. Nobody told me that sometimes I would lose.

Nobody told me that I’d need to look deep in order to know myself better. Nobody told me that I would get lost.

Nobody told me that I needed to be silent to hear my most profound thoughts. Nobody told me that silence could be so loud.

Nobody told me that I would get to try out different versions of myself. Nobody told me I would get confused.

Nobody told me that I would need to do it all over again and again. Nobody told me that this would be a lifetime journey.

But even though no one told me about those things, I learned that self-love is an everyday battle that I need to face, win or lose.

Self-love is as deep as the ocean—I need to dive into it, and even if I will get lost in the vast water, I will always find a better version of myself each time I resurface from the deep.

Self-love is enjoying my own solitude and enjoying the silence. Listening to my thoughts and what’s inside my heart. Reflecting and analyzing my actions and behaviors.

Self-love is a lifetime journey that I choose to take every day in order to give the respect, acceptance, and love that I deserve.