No, You Don’t Get To Come Back


You haunt me; creeping into my mind with caustic candor, encircling my heart like a bird of prey. I guard my soul from your serpentine charm; resisting every word that flows from your lips. But somehow, I can never seem to release you from my mind; to seek freedom in your glaring absence.

I spent an eternity holding you in my heart; longing for change, pining for resolution. Every time I fought to escape, you lured me back into you; showering me in desire, cloaking me in hope. You were a storm brewing within my heart; a calamitous terror masquerading as a placid sense of calm.

But now, I refuse to return to the winds that threaten to steer me off course; the torrents that unremorsefully drown my spirit. You grovel at my feet for chance after chance; twisting my words, feigning desire, but now, I’m retreating from your pervasive toxicity.

And no, you don’t get to come back.

No, you don’t get to beg for salvation. You cry out across the seas; straining your voice as you call for rescue. But your screams of terror will meld into the void as your body begins to grow weary. I refuse to drag you to safety yet again without a single iota of gratitude in return.

No, you don’t get to contort our story. You mold me into a grotesque figure; a condemnatory figment of your imagination. But your layers of deceit will fall away, leaving you naked on a bed of lies, indefensible against a glaring barrage of truth. I refuse to become a pawn in your game of manipulation; cowering in a corner as your ruthless mistruths mount before me.

No, you don’t get to shatter my heart. You tear my spirit bit by bit; whittling me down to a shadow of myself, lunging into my fragile soul without remorse. But your own heart will remain cool to the touch, leaving you trapped in a desolate wasteland, pondering why your disregard for my heart drove me away. I refuse to let my heart cave under the weight of your unspoken words; sending a shower of sharp smithereens cascading to my feet.

I’ve spent an eternity holding you in my heart; justifying your misdeeds, excusing your deceit. Now, I will glide away from you; willful and whole, never to return. You may pine for me in my absence; longing for me to save you once more, but no, you don’t get to come back.