Not Everyone Will See You The Way You Want To Be Seen


We all highlight the parts of ourselves that we are proud of. If we like our jobs, we don’t hesitate when people ask us what we do for a living. If we like who we’re dating, we’re not afraid to let people know about who we’re currently seeing. If we like our personality traits, we aren’t afraid to show them off. This is how we want to be seen. However, not everyone is going to see us that way.

There are going to be people who look for flaws and insecurities in you, and that will be how they define you. There is going to be one moment in your life that might be how you’re defined by others. This is more the case now more than ever because of platforms like social media. Who we are online and who we are in person are likely to be two different people. We really only post the best parts of ourselves online, while every other part of ourselves appear in person. It’s important to know that the people who don’t see you the way you want to be seen don’t ultimately matter.

People who stubbornly view you a certain way probably won’t be in your life very long. At a young age, it’s hard to eliminate people from your life. Once you get older, you can push people away who don’t totally respect you. When people define you or label you in a way that you don’t agree with, that shows a lack of respect. They don’t respect that you are more than one moment. They don’t respect that you are more than one personality trait. They don’t respect that you are more than one bad day. Those people who don’t respect your character don’t belong in your life.

If you can’t live with the fact that there are going to be people who see you differently, then you aren’t ever going to be happy. A lot of people view others differently. The question is whether or not it bothers you when you are given a certain label or identity. If it does, then it’s important to let others know. The last thing you should do is bottle it all up. Just talk things out and communicate that to others. The people that care about you won’t want to disrespect you in any way. Just talking things through is the solution to a lot of problems, but this is especially the case if you feel like someone is disrespecting your character. The truth is that you are more than one moment, one social media account, and one personality trait. If you know this, then you know that how you’re defined by others really won’t matter all that much.