Let the nothing around you, become you, let it sit upon your shoulders as a cloak, as a king upon a throne. Let it weigh you down, as it envelops all that you are, all that you will become. Let it sit where only you can see it, and let yourself know it’s there, only you can see nothing after all.

Wonder in amazement as you give it shape, purpose, a juxtaposition from which to be. Let that thought settle in you as you gaze, and think to yourself, that nothing feels good, feels like home. Think that you would like nothing more, because it’s already there, because there it is, what’s left of it, and all there is to say about it.

Wonder why you never had the guts to fill this garment, why you always let everything stand between you and nothing, and how, it was really always there, waiting for you to claim it as your own, nothing seems like it was far away, like it has somewhere else to be, acknowledge that it was all in your mind, the nothing more than arm’s length away.

Give it some resemblance of an ego, realize how nothing has suddenly got the biggest ego you have ever encountered, and that ego becomes nothing, doesn’t become you. See in detail the makings of nothing, the layers of nothingness woven together, to make this cloak you wear, are always going to wear. Realize nothing, is something money cannot buy, that something that nothing has, is exactly what it has always had, which is that nothing you are now wearing.

Laugh at all the pun’s that mean nothing, that define nothing. Laugh, because of nothing and for nothing, realize what people mean when they say that nothing compares, and that nothings feels like… Nothing. It’s a strange world we live in where the nothing has no value, but everything is counterbalanced by nothing. That everything IS because nothing IS. That nothing feels like your best friend that never was, ever will be.

Feel like nothing did you a favor for having been gone all this time, and that you owe nothing, something. Think that nothing can be gone, and still be defined, not by  what IS said, but what isn’t. That nothing is with you every step of the way, every day, between the words you speak, between the silences that make up everything, and realize nothing is the glue that holds it all together.

Feel nothing, wonder what it would be like to be nothing. Say thank you to nothing, whisper it into silence, into nothing, and feel nothing say thank you with nothing, by doing nothing. See into the nothing, and realize there’s a piece of you in nothing, and a piece of nothing in you, inexplicably bound by some invisible thread that is nothing, yet it is there.

I sit and wonder, often, about nothing, and what nothing is doing when it has nothing to do, and what that would be like. Nothing might compare to nothing ,but nothing. As after all, nothing is as it ever was, or will be again.

Nothing is as simple as it sounds, and yet, it is.