Now That You’re Gone, We Both Know What It’s Like To Feel Lonely


Do you have someone to share this vast loneliness with? Do you have someone to live out this world with?

It’s staggering, to find someone like that, to lose someone like that, to be alone once again in the vast loneliness of time.

Do you ever think every person we meet and connect with, not connect like “oh we like the same music/oh you went to that school/oh you’ve been brokenhearted too/ your parents mentally and emotionally scarred you too/ oh nobody in your life ever understood you too/ oh you cannot say goodbye without crying too” etc

But connection like…you meet someone, and before you even utter any word, your name or hello or stuff, you just know it. And when they speak, you reeeeeeally listen because you know every word they’re speaking is all you were meant to hear in your life.

I think every person we connect with through our words, our eyes, the little ways we show our affections “no don’t say sorry/don’t say thank you/ please don’t be sad/ please don’t cry/ please eat at regular intervals/ I hope you’re happy at least once a day”, becomes a part of us as we live on, even alone, in the vast eternity.

We get to witness their loneliness, the infinite loneliness everyone has, it becomes one with our infinite loneliness. They must surely collide and fuse into each other, their lonesome-ness.

Why else would we feel more alone, than we ever did, if we happen to be separated from them later on?

Because we still carry their loneliness along with ours even if we don’t share it anymore. You see what I mean?

Even if we cannot stay with these people for as long we had hoped, we should be thankful that their souls stopped by to keep us company, even if for a moment alone. Your life was shinier when they were a part of it. And some people’s memories will always shine like gold in the blackness of days. Like stars.