Obama Just Tweeted This Hilarious Throwback Meme For Joe Biden’s Birthday And It’ll Hit You Right In The Feels


If you don’t remember the Obama-Biden memes that blew up earlier this year, it’s probably because about a million terrible things have happened since then. It’s hard to fathom the fact that just 11 months ago, this world was a simpler place full of simpler pleasures.


But Obama hasn’t forgotten, and he’s here to remind the rest of us that some things in life are still pure and beautiful. How, you may ask? By wishing his best friend Joe Biden a happy birthday in the best way possible — through a meme.

Okay, I’m crying. This is too much. Everything has been so terrible, and then there’s this tweet, a true beacon of hope.

We want these men back.


Nothing but respect for MY president.


Happy birthday, Joe! You were part of one of the most dynamic duos my generation has ever witnessed. Now please, come back.