Of Course He Could Hurt You — But You Have To Trust That He Won’t


He could cheat on you. He could get bored of you. He could leave you. He could shatter your heart into a million pieces.

He could be the reason why you stop believing in love. He could be the reason why you keep to yourself when you’re older, why you decide against getting married at all. He could be the reason why you start to think that every person you meet is going to hurt you in the end.

But if you love him, you have to take that risk. You have to love him, even though he could break your heart. You have to put effort into the relationship, even though it could all fall apart. You have to trust him, even though he could sneak behind your back and betray you in the worst way imaginable.

Even though he has the power to rip apart your heart, you have to trust that he will never do that to you. You have to believe him when he looks you in the eyes and swears that you’re the only one he wants to be with, that he’s never going to do anything to hurt you.

If you genuinly believe that you have found the person who treats you the way you deserve, if you honestly think that you two are going to last a lifetime, you have to trust him to stay faithful. Even though it’s hard. Even though it’s risky. Even though you are skeptical at times.

If you are meant to be together, you can’t snoop through his text messages the second he leaves the room to see what names you can find. You can’t scroll through his emails because you might find letters to another girl. You can’t assume that he is flirting with other people as soon as he leaves your eyesight.

If you are thinking that he is capable of doing those things to you, then maybe you don’t belong together. Maybe you need to find someone else, someone you can actually trust. Someone who never gives you a reason to suspect that he is cheating physically or emotionally.

Find someone who doesn’t have to show you proof that they are staying loyal, because you believe them when they say that you are the only person they ever want to be with.

Find someone who you don’t have to worry about when they go out with friends or drink a little too much, because you know that your bed is the only one they will come back to at night.

Find someone who never flirts with the waitress, who never has bullshit excuses for coming home late, who never downloads dating apps just to talk to new people, who never makes you doubt their loyalty.

Find someone who would never dream of ruining what you have together. Someone who could hurt you if they wanted to, but would never dream of doing that. They would never dream of bringing tears to your pretty eyes.