On Finding The Path Of Spirituality


I am literally unsure as to how to put my experience in words. Some feelings, some experiences often transcend a written word. To put it mildly, I would simply say, that my much wanted search to find the treasure trove of wisdom, has found its destiny. I have finally, indeed found something that is beyond the scribbled manuscripts. It is the wisdom; the knowledge that we ought to seek for inner well-being because it is what will bring about our outer beauty.

What I write does sound cryptic, does it not? Certainly it does. It looks to you that some insane heart is overwhelmed with joy and is scribbling some inane matters. But when you are filled with delight you seem to go a bit awry. And that’s okay.

Think of it like this, you desire that you embark on an adventure, you look for suitable avenues, you keep looking, searching, surfing the internet to find yourself an eminent travel guide. But when you don’t find one, your hope for this adventure doesn’t die down. Rather, your hope keeps building. The more you look, the more you fail to comprehend, and your thirst for that adventure only becomes stronger. And finally when you do find a guide who is prepped up to take you up for that adventure, it is then that your heart swells with joy, it can almost leave you in tears.

That’s exactly how it is for those few who wish to take the path that leads only to the supreme knowledge. When you are treading that particular path, there ought to be failures. Failures don’t hurt. What hurts a soul searching spirit is the absence of the guide who will take us up on the soul searching spree. And after years of plodding through and wadding through heaps of spiritually enlightening books when a divine being takes you under his wings as his disciple, you tend you heave a sigh of relief for you have finally come to a point that will help you alleviate yourself further and will lead you to the world of light.

My wait for that guiding light came to an end when I met the divine soul who would be my guiding light for the rest of my living days. On the 30th July of 2014, when I took my first steps on this path for soul search I was filled with immense bliss because for a free spirit like mine an adventure into the world of soul search had just begun.

When these sowed seeds will take roots, the leaves shall sprout; the knowledge will swell into a humungous tree, laden and heavy with ripe and rich fruits that will bear knowledge for posterity. This tree shall be the lighthouse for many and even so, will continue to swing towards the enlightened world.

This path that we plod is the one that never comes to an end; it only grows, making our being stronger and more serene.