On Giving And Taking


There comes a time when one could be nothing but the giver. It could be towards family, friends or even the cat that patiently waits for them at the corner of their house. To give is not a bad thing, but when they’ve decided to turn it down a notch, it’s like having the townspeople ready with their fires and pitchforks. They’ve gotten everybody thinking that something must have possessed them for the sudden difference to take place.

Giving is beautiful. Being a giver gives a bountiful amount of purpose in one’s life. But understand why a jolly person prefers to sit in a bench all by herself for a while, or why the usual homebody decides to surround himself with dapper strangers at a bar every night.

There is something strange and comforting when self-inflicted misery turns into a triumphant shift into new plots. They may forget some people, and rely solely on one or two individuals for life, but that’s okay. Respect each other’s scars, even if they cannot align yours. Empathize with the ghosts of others’, even if you are afraid of creating your own. The givers may have spent most of their lives creating, or passing on what could be theirs to keep but that’s just how it goes. They may take a break or change a little, but they will always stay true to their strengths, and their weaknesses.

Everyone needs a break now and then, even the giver. Every now and then, it’s not so bad to be a taker too.

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image – CarbonNYC