On The Days It Feels Like God Is Absent, Hold On A Little Longer


I know it can feel hopeless when you reach out and it feels like you’re met with absolute silence. It can almost feel like being rejected. You know that God is capable of so much, and when you feel as though He couldn’t be farther from you, it’s difficult to bear.

You feel as though you’re at your lowest possible place. Nothing has felt so broken or hollow as these moments that have turned into days, weeks, even months. You have always believed that God would be right there beside you, and yet here you are and you feel as if He is nowhere to be found.

As if He, along with everyone else, has forgotten and abandoned you.

Or maybe you are in a part of your life that requires you to make huge choices that will impact your future in multiple ways- yet whenever you reach out to God for help, you are met with silence. You sit, and you listen, you wait, and you search for some kind of answer, yet feel just as confused and unsure as when you started.

You should know that you’re not alone. Although we don’t like to talk about it, everyone has their moments where they feel as though God is absent from their lives. Everyone has their moments where they feel God is so far away from them. The truth is, we don’t like to talk about these moments because they don’t sound as lovely to discuss. We never want to show the aspects of us that are hurting or confused- and we certainly don’t want to appear as though we are doubting God, at the risk of being judged by people for not being a better Christian.

However, God isn’t scared of your doubts. He understands you in ways that even you don’t. He created you. He knows you.

And although it can feel like God is absent or ignoring you, you know that God has shown you just how untrue that has been before.

God does pursue us. He doesn’t give up on us. Yet sometimes things aren’t always so simple to explain why things happen. God’s silence in your life could mean He could be trying to teach you something. It could mean that He is giving you the space to make the decision you need because you have listened to Him and learned things over the years. Maybe it means you’ve been distant for a while yourself- because as much as we don’t like to admit it, we can sometimes push God to the back of our lives because other things take priority. Honestly, I don’t have all the answers- because moments like these can happen for so many reasons.

Yet I encourage you, even in the hard times, to hold on a little longer. God does come through. To pretend I know or can predict how or when would be impossible, but I do know that God has a history of coming through for people, even in their worst moments. You know that God has shown you His love, compassion, and grace before. Even though He may seem far away right now, I believe there is a part of you that knows He will do it again.

If only you’re willing to hold on a little longer.