On The Other Side Of Loneliness Is Hope


Here’s to the girls trying so desperately to fill their loneliness and the void that they somehow always seem to feel.

You. Yeah you. I see you. I am you.
You find yourself feeling a bit lonely. A bit lost.
You pull out your phone – texting the usual suspects.

The loneliness hits you in waves.
It can happen whenever.
At 2am, when the world’s a bit quiet and you got nowhere to run.
At 7pm when you’re out to dinner with your friends.
Surrounded by those you love and yet you find yourself feeling a bit lost.
It hits at 7am. When you’re commuting into work.
A train filled with people and yet you can’t help but feel all alone.

It hits in waves and when it does, you have no clue where to run.

You think about your friend.
The one who knows you better than the rest.
You pick up your phone to call her, but stop short of a dial.
She’s married. Probably wrapped in the arms of the one she loves.
She doesn’t know loneliness.
Except, you know you’re wrong.
Her being married doesn’t make her any more immune to this feeling of emptiness.

You dial the number of your ex.
You still have it memorized.
And yet you stop short of a dial.
You know he could take away your pain.
But, what’s the point?
It’s only temporary.
The pain always comes back.
It resurfaces on the quietest of nights.
When you’re all alone.
Lost. Unsure of where to go.

And so you sit in your loneliness.
Letting it pelt every inch of you.
You tell yourself tomorrow will be better.
Less lonely. Less lost.
Tomorrow’s a new day.
Tomorrow will be better.