On Trying To Find Love While Being Overweight


CRYING. I cry myself to sleep 3 nights out of the week.

“I just want to be loved.” I whisper to myself before the last tear falls from my right eye.

I am 19 but I am not your typical skinny white girl. I am half Spanish and (I’ll be honest here) a little overweight. And this is my story.

Being overweight has single handedly destroyed my love life. Sadly, this world is all about looks and lets get real, if I am standing next to a girl who is skinny and has long hair, who is the guy going to pick? Well here’s your answer: it’s never me.

I’ve never been kissed. Yup, I’m 19 and have never been kissed. Sad. Just sad. I have loved, but it is never returned. Often times the guy I like is stolen….by a friend. It’s hard to watch every single one of your friends fall in and out of love with guys, when you can’t relate.

You’re probably thinking, why don’t you try to lose weight? I actually am, but it’s a long process and I am slowly getting there. But I’m writing about the struggles of my love life as they are today.

People complain about little things in a relationship, and little do they know I would kill to be in their position. I would give anything to be hugged, cuddled, and held every night by a boy who loves me for me. Friends complain about holding hands in public when that’s all I want. Holding hands means you are his and no one else can have you. I want him to lie next to me as we watch a movie. Someone to text me good morning everyday.

Please…….please, don’t take these things for granted if someone does all of this for you. Appreciate that someone loves you so much to spend time with you and let the public know they are proud to be with you. Some of us are not as lucky to experience the love you get everyday. Some of us have never been kissed, have never had their hand held, have never had someone to passionately love.