On Your Heaviest Days – Remember That You Are Never Alone


You are not alone.

We, humans may be divided and different in various aspects of our individual lives, but we all are connected when it comes to emotions. We may celebrate the birth of new life differently, based on our customs, but the joy we feel of welcoming a new generation is same. We may arrange for the final journey of our family differently, based on our religion or their final wish, but the heart-wrenching sorrow and hollowness that we feel after bereavement is the same for us all.

Same is for when you are broken.

You may feel that no one in the world can possibly understand the turmoil within you – the storm in your soul, the rage in your mind, the hopelessness in your heart and the darkest corner of your being where once the light of life shone bright. But the truth is someone will.

This someone may not have necessarily gone through something as devastating as you are currently undergoing through, however, they have experienced their personal hell and they know how it feels to be there. So, please reach out to this person – your parents, your best friend, your spouse, your children, your well-wisher or anyone else who you think you can confide to and who can be a reliable support system.

People often say bad things happen to good people. It is not true. Bad things happen to bad people too. But good people often take it more personally than bad people. Good people believe that they haven’t done anything wrong or harmed anyone in any way and so their lives should be normal if not perfect.

But unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way. While we are busy with our mundane lives, suddenly out of nowhere an accident, a heartbreak, a death, a miscommunication or a diagnosis of terminal illness wreaks havoc in our life. No one knows why this happens. But sometimes it is important as it snaps us out of our slumber and makes us face reality.

People who were all around you during sunshiney days will hesitate to lend you the spare umbrellas in their homes when it is raining outside. This is the lesson that life tries to teach you through horrific incidents.

Life teaches you the value of relationships, of showing up for people who need you, of helping whoever and however you can, and above all, how it feels to be standing all alone in the pouring rain.

So, while you reach out to someone for help during your time of crisis, remember that you are now becoming part of the cycle that helps humanity to stay alive amongst the otherwise robotic and tech-driven world where emotions have become emoticons and relationships a ‘right swipe.’

It is a circle of people who are not afraid to ask a stranger at the metro station why he looks like he is about to jump in front of the train or why the eyes of their colleague looks all red like they spent the whole of last night crying.

The circle is small but it is very powerful. It holds the power to change the course of somebody’s life; or rather stop someone from ending their life.

So, my friend, you are not alone. Find someone who can help you, so that you can become a part of this cycle of paying back the universe for the help it offered you when you needed it the most.

And in turn, give your hand to someone, helping them back on their feet again.