One Day You Will Just Be The Girl Who Left And Made Him Stronger


You’re never going to see how much he’s hurting. You’re never going to see how much he drowns the pain away with beer, how much he works so much to keep himself busy just so he doesn’t have enough time to think of you. You’re never going to hear him curse over and over again while still screaming how much he still loves you. You’re never going to hear him ask endless questions I don’t know the answer to. I can’t seem to find the right words to say to him just so he can feel better. So, I’m just all ears.

You’re never going to realize how much hurt you’re causing him because you’re not here. You gave him up when you have all the reasons to keep him. You let him go when he’s still so determined to hold on. But let me tell you these things..

One day, you will also feel the loss.
You’ll open the radio and you’ll hear his favorite songs. A tear will stream down your face when you realized he’s no longer there to play you songs. You will miss the way he strummed and plucked the guitar and you know he has always touched your heartstrings in so many ways. You will miss him in all the gigs you’ll be into because he’s no longer there banging those drums. You know he hit those with as much intensity as his love for you. But you dropped the mic and the show is over. One day, it’s going to be over for him too.

One day, you’ll remember him and it’s going to be too late.
You’ll remember him when you forgot your umbrella and it’s raining and he isn’t there to pick you up at work. You’ll remember him on the 18th of the month when he constantly brought you gifts or in normal days when he took you out to make you feel special. Girl, you know how much he made you feel special—every. single. day. But one day, he’s gonna be done counting the days and months and years you’ve been together.

One day, you will just be the girl who broke his heart—a ghost from the past.
A distant memory. You’re going to regret letting him go. You’re going to cry at night thinking that you made the biggest mistake of your life. I hope you find someone you’ll be content with, though. I hope you get to be happy with your choices. Thank you for this heartbreak you inflicted on him. He’s not going to realize this now but I know in time, this will make him stronger—and better than when he is with you.

You’re never going to see him heal.
You’re never going to see how much he’s grown and matured after you left. He’s going to be loved more than he ever did with you. He’ll receive more than what he gives because that is what he deserves. He is worth every single damn thing in the world but you failed to see it.

One day, when he chooses to fall in love again, I pray to God that she’s better than you could ever be.