One Day You Won’t Miss Them, And You’ll Smile At The Memory


It happens on the days when you’re lying on your back porch, or browsing a shop surrounded by scents of books and coffee, or a certain song pops up on your iPod. It comes to you slowly or at a dizzying pace. But no matter the situation or speed, it will happen. You’ll realize they’re not a part of your life anymore, you not a part of theirs. And you’re okay with it.

It’s not because you’re not sad. A part of you might always be disappointed about it. It’s just that you’ve come to terms with it. You’ve accepted the fact that sometimes this is how life works.

Some people aren’t made to hold a place in your life forever.

Fate can bring you to certain ones, and just as easily can take you away from them. Maybe it was an agreed upon parting, for the best. Perhaps the drifting away took place without either of you fully understanding it was happening. You’ll miss that time in your life, wish you could turn time backwards and return to it. You’ll replay the memories you made with them. You’ll miss them.

But on days like this, you’ll feel happy too. The same reasons that once made you sad, will make you smile. You’ll be grateful you had a time in life that made you so happy you’re able to miss it that much.

You’ll be happy you had experiences that gave you those memories you fondly look back on. You’ll be thankful you were lucky enough to have the opportunity to know them at all.

Most importantly, you’ll be content to know that they’re out there. You may not know where exactly. Or maybe you do. Either way, it’s nice to think they’re having new experiences and making new memories, living a life they love. Even if it doesn’t include you anymore.

It’ll be comforting knowing if you really wanted to, you can pick up the phone or send a message, inviting a reconnection. If it’s just for a couple of minutes, you can hear their voice, read their words. Maybe you won’t. You’ll decide to let it be. But the possibility is there.

Even if the possibility isn’t there you’ll be glad to know they’re still out there, somewhere.