One Day You’ll Find Someone Who Makes Your Heart Feel Whole


I know you feel hurt. Heartbroken. Overwhelmed with emotions that you cannot control. You feel as if you will never find love and happiness—in fact, those words seem unfamiliar and distant. You spend all your time worrying and obsessing over how seemingly perfect other people’s lives are in comparison to yours. Your life seems to be spiraling out of control, and you’re unable to stop it. However, no matter how rough it gets, I’m here to tell you to hold on.

One day you’ll find someone who makes your heart feel whole. Someone who makes you forget that you have ever questioned happiness. Someone who is by your side as a partner and goes with you through everything that life may throw at you. Side by side. Heart by heart.

Once your heart feels whole, theirs will too. You will finally understand what finding your soulmate feels like. That someone will show you how you should be loved, finally allowing you to take a deep breath.

One day you’ll find someone who makes you realize that real love is effortless. It’s not about racing hearts, sweaty palms, and stomachs in knots. Instead, real, pure love is calm and peaceful. It makes you feel safe, secure, and loved. Accepted without any questions.

Wait for someone who notices small changes in your behavior and asks you if you’re okay. Someone whose touch feels like a warm hug. That someone who takes all the negative and turns it into positive, simply by being by your side.

One day you’ll find someone who makes you understand what being there for someone truly means. Someone who doesn’t need thank yous and praises for their actions. Their only goal is to make you happy. Someone whose small, unconscious gestures will show you, every day, that you are loved and appreciated. Such a person will prove to you that love like this is worth waiting for, even if it seems impossible.

I know it’s hard, feeling alone and lonely all the time. It can be depressing seeing everyone around you in happy and fulfilling relationships while you’re struggling just to stay afloat. However, that magical someone made especially for you is out there, waiting for you. They will make your heart feel whole in ways you never imagined possible. One day, you will find your person and all will finally make sense.

One day someone will make your heart feel whole. I promise.