One Day Your Life Will Begin Again


One day not far from now, you will smile or laugh at something and for a single moment, you’ll forget all of this. For a moment your loss and the pain you carry deep inside won’t be what consumes you, and that’s when it happens, that’s when your life begins again. You will see that although your life will never be as you once knew it, there can still be good times, happy memories and a lot of love too.

These days may be long and tough and lonely, but I promise you they are not here to stay. Just know that sometimes we are better to give in to our feelings and allow them to wash through us, rather than try to contain them. Trying to carry on as normal is like swimming against the tide you’ll only wear yourself out and be no better for it. Give yourself time to begin to heal, your mind and body need it right now.

The pain and sadness you feel will be greeted by kindness and love from so many. This is what will carry you through. The warmth you feel when you are around those closest to you will be of great comfort as they will distract you from your grief but also share in your sadness too. They will show you that even when you feel as though you have lost everything in the world, you still have so much left to live for.

You have learned that we should never take for granted our time, but also that life is incredibly precious. I hope that you can use this to help you begin to rebuild your life and that you find happiness again soon, even if only in the smallest moments because you deserve to be happy. You have seen how precious this life is but you should know that you are precious too and you matter to so many people in this world.

The universe is balanced in all kinds of ways, remember, for everything that is lost there is always something else to gain. The trouble is that sometimes you can’t see how anything good can come from the hardest times in your life until you look back. And, you probably won’t see how the greatest thing to come from this is how you have used your grief to become someone even better than you already were.

You’ll always miss them and some days you’ll feel sad as you know that every day passing by is another day since you last held them. But, time is merely a unit of measuring how far we are from one moment to the next, it does not know the value of your love or what your memories are worth it only puts distance between this moment and that one. And, since all that we have left is love and memories that is all that counts.

One day not far from now, your life will begin again – but until then try to remember that even though they are no longer here, you were incredibly lucky to have shared a part of your life with someone so marvelous. Your love for them is a testament to the person you are and that is something that you should always be proud of.