One Day You’re Going To Meet Someone You’ll Always Miss


One day you’re going to meet someone you will always want to be around—not just every second of your waking life, but even as you sleep. You will ache for them as you rest your head on a pillow right beside them in bed, because there’s no way to guarantee that you’ll meet them in your dreams. As soon as one of you leaves the house each morning, you will look forward to the moment when you get to reunite. In between, you will have to try hard not to communicate constantly because you would if your schedules allowed it.

This person will probably come into your life when you least expect them to, and you might not recognize them at first. You might overlook their inner beauty and their strength of character and the way they smile at you just so when you do something ridiculously endearing. It might take weeks, months, or even years for you to identify the potential chemistry between you.

But one day you will see that chemistry for everything it is, and you will seize it with full force.

One day it will hit you with the weight of a thousand massive bricks that you’d be silly not to capitalize on every possible chance you get to spend time with this person who makes you feel safe, loved, whole. This person who encourages you to be yourself because they adore you inside and out, for exactly who you are—no ifs, ands, or buts.

One day you’re going to sit and think, how the hell did I ever survive without this person? How did I live without their undying support, encouragement, and trust? Their sincere concern, heartfelt affection, and unwavering loyalty?

One day you’re going to thank the universe for being so kind—for setting you up with this person whom you truly can’t imagine life without. For giving you the chance at lasting love and long-term happiness you’ve always wished for. The sense of comfort your heart’s been aching for. The knowledge that everything will be okay after all, as long as you’re together.