Open Your Heart To Love


Open your heart to love. Give in to the tiny skips of your heart. Give in to the desires of your heart.

Open your heart to love. Like the wind, let it sweep you off your feet. Feel it on your face, its gentle kiss. Feel it rush through your veins. Feel its warmth, its genuine nature.

Open the gates of your heart. Let it flood with love. Let it find nourishment in its lushness. In its beauty, let your heart find happiness.

Open your heart to love. In its joy, may your days always shine brighter than the light of the day. In its joy, may you know no sadness.

Open your heart to love. Its peace, let it find satisfaction, a home.

Open your heart to love. Let it set your heart on fire. Let your fire never burn out. Let it grow every day, bigger and stronger with time.

Open your heart. Let it keep you young as time ages. Let the beauty of its memories take you back in time. Let your heart relive the moments like it was just the other day.

Open your heart. Let love be the fire that warms you in the cold nights of winter. Let it be the cool breeze that you long for in summer.

Let your heart skip to the beat of another. May love be the music on your lips. May its familiar test linger on your lips day by day. May your lips never cease singing this beautiful song.

May your heart worry less. May it worry not about what comes, that which life brings forth.

May your heart find peace in the storms of another. Let it learn to ride the storms. May it learn to listen to the silence the heart speaks.

May your heart be your guide. Its path, may it always be lit with love and trust.

May your heart never tire. May your heart find strength in another.

Open your heart to love. May you love like you never hurt.