Opening Up To Your Reality 


I have heard over and over again that, “You Create Your Own Reality.” Especially from those who seem to have achieved what they wanted.  But did they really create their reality or did they open themselves up to embrace reality?

Consider someone who is going through the motions, detached, going through their day on autopilot.  “You create your own reality (YCYOR) advocates would conclude that their mundane, routine oriented thinking is creating their normal, routine looking life and would propose that if they changed their thinking, they would change their life and manifest everything they have ever wanted.

Excited about feeling better, this individual starts thinking positively, focusing in on how he is feeling and what he is wanting and low and behold, his life begins to change.  Or has it?  Is his life (outside circumstances) changing or is how he is perceiving his life changing?

I believe that when disconnected from who we really are, we are closed off to the infinite possibilities that are always available to us and caught instead in a spin cycle of regurgitated, habitual limited thinking with predictable outcomes.  

However, when we are connected, tuned into our feelings and intentions or conscious thought we open ourselves up to those infinite possibilities that were always there but hidden from view. Therefore, it is not reality that is changing but our perception of it.

What does this mean in real, practical everyday life?  Let’s suppose you want a red, convertible, sports car.  You’ve thought about it, imagined it, can feel the engine running and the wind blowing through your hair as you curve around a bend in the mountains.

  • You have consciously focused your thoughts
  • Your imagination has brought you in touch with how you feel emotionally and physically
  • That “good,”  feeling is in alignment with who you really are
  • When you are in alignment with who you really are, you are connected and more open to the infinite possibilities that are always there

At this point, most people stop the process and go back to their mundane, ritualistic routine and become disconnected again resulting in the closing off of infinite possibilities.

Some people continue the process on a regular basis, connecting their thinking to how they want to feel, staying connected to who they really are, and keeping the infinite possibilities available to them. Not surprisingly, they begin announcing the synchronistic events that start to occur to bring them closer to getting their red sports car, and low and behold it happens.  They have manifested their own reality by getting a sports car.  Or have they?

What if the sports car was always there and available to them? What if by staying connected to who they really are has opened them up to more possibilities and opportunities to obtain a red sports car?

What if by focusing or consciously being more aware of how they feel and what they are thinking their attention is drawn towards experiences that also feel good and therefore opening them up to even more possibilities and opportunities?

What if by focusing or consciously being more aware of how they feel and what they are thinking they begin to take advantage of these new, feel good opportunities and possibilities, which in turn creates, even more, feel good opportunities and possibilities including buying a red sports car?

Have they created their own reality or have they opened up their perception to the reality that already existed?