Optimism Can Ultimately Lead To Depression


Having an optimistic attitude about life is shown to be a positive way of living. But is it really? Optimism is having complete and utter hopefulness and confidence about something/someone/the future. But as the old saying goes, too much of one good thing is not good for you.

When you are optimistic, you are in bliss with positivity and faith. You give yourself a mindset that everything will go the way you want it to go, and completely lose focus with realistic possibilities.

At the moment that feeling is blissful but you will soon come to a crash. The truth is, nothing is perfect, and not everything in life will go the way you want it to go and you have to come to terms with that and prepare yourself for disappointment.

Optimism distracts you from that known factoid. The higher you go, the harder the crash will be once you fall. And yes, you will eventually fall, you cannot rise forever because forever does not exist. Everything in temporary, you will need to let go.. life has obstacles, you have to learn to jump over them or you will not move forward in life.

Now I am not suggesting to just completely set yourself up for disappointment and to not have faith at all. No, it is regarded to have a healthy balance of positive expectations while as well having a realistic mindset about the situation and keeping in mind that there are chances for said situation to not go exactly as planned.

It is challenging to find a healthy balance because you will come to the obstacles of over thinking, but over time as you practice this mindset you will learn a good in between.

Practicing this mindset as soon as possible will help you to accept fate, will lead you to less of a temporary depression when said scenario did not go as you highly hoped and it will also help you grow stronger as an individual.

Stay strong.