Our Last Tango


Ba-dump. My heartbeat nearly drowns out the knock at the door. You walk in wordlessly. The atmosphere in the room clearly shifts. I turn away. What are you doing here? I can feel your gaze, probing. Your usual composure heated with intent. Like a predator you move toward me.

There is no escape in this dangerous duet.

You close in, I step back. A choreographed ploy. Desire begins to claw at my heart. Reaching and pulling, consuming it whole. I look into those eyes, that smoldering brown. We still have tonight, that much I know. You extend those arms, drawing me in. I breathe in this closeness, this exhilarating high. Reason and sense now surely robbed.

Your fingers trail slowly up my back. I shiver as delight seeps in. My hands roam over your rugged chest. Firmness meeting my touch. Together our bodies smoothly meld, a tangle of limbs somehow in sync. You spin me around, urging me. Exploring my body, the dips and curves. A trembling trove of secrets. Gently going further down, you search for all my needs. Finding the way, embracing me. Rapture begins to pound her beat. I follow your lead, an enticing dance. Relishing the feel of your skin. Your weight presses in, enclosing me tight. A cocoon of fiery passionate bliss. Building momentum, insisting for more. Delicious friction, powerful and raw. You delve into the depths of my heat. Sensations burst in delirious sparks as we soar up into the flames.

The higher we climb, the harder we fall. My eyes blink and adjust to reality. There are questions unanswered and promises unfulfilled. Our bodies joined where our lives could not. Time and place have interfered, exposing a bitter truth. My head a storm of silent thoughts, a beautifully ravaged mess. The night has closed its final curtain.

Now it’s cold, strange and silent. But the sun is rising, warming the room. Its glow erasing the shadows. The horizon is bright and I know I will heal, as tomorrow will always come.

You are my past, to be no more. A farewell I must impart. So here it is, in black and white: my very last tango with you.